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Kathi Fisler


I've been teaching CS for 30 years, after a rocky start in my own CS classes. I love jigsaw puzzles, puns, hiking, and cooking/eating vegetarian food from around the world.

Grad TA

Elijah Rivera

I'm a PhD candidate working with Kathi to study how students think about programming. In my spare time I'm either teaching at my church, playing music, or turning my brain off with League of Legends.


Elsa Choi-Hausman


Hi! I'm a senior from Brooklyn, NY studying Applied Math-CS. When I'm not coding, you can find me curled up with a good movie, out exploring, or cooking!

Ethan Jiang


Hi! I’m a junior studying CS/Music. Outside of CS, I love making music with Gendo Taiko. Big fan of Nintendo, word games, and Maurice Ravel. Excited to meet everyone!

John Wilkinson


I'm a junior from Dedham, MA studying CS and Archaeology. In the summers I'm a sailing instructor, and in my free time I love windsurfing!

Paul Lestz


Hi all! My name is Paul, and I'm a junior from Westchester, NY, concentrating in Computer Science. I am a drummer, rock climber, and avid fan of ethical dilemmas!

Sofia Cordoba


Junior from Argentina studying CS and Cognitive Neuroscience!

Yasmine Abdelaziz


Hi, I'm a junior from a Chicago Suburb studying computer science. I like taking walks and visiting coffee shops.


Aj Wu


hi! i'm aj and i'm a sophomore from maryland studying computational biology and economics. I like reading, gaming, and trying new recipes. excited to meet you all :)

Alana Cho


Hi! I'm a senior from Richland, WA studying CS and Environmental Science. In my free time, I love hiking, reading, and thrifting. Excited to work with y’all this semester! :)

Alessandro Guerrero


Hi! I’m a sophomore studying APMA-CS, passionate for languages! Love listening to alt music, sharing cat memes, and enjoying long naps! You will often see me with a cup of coffee!

Arin Idhant


I'm a sophomore from India/Oman studying CS and film! I use he/him pronouns. I love movies! Favorite film: Dead Poets Society. Favorite fact: You've got this!! :)))

Arjan Chakravarthy


Hey Everyone! I'm Arjan and I'm a current sophomore studying CS. In my free time, I enjoy watching cricket and playing badminton. I'm excited to meet you all this semester!

Benjamin Bradley


Hey 👋 -- I'm a sophomore born 'n raised in Natick, MA concentrating in CS with a focus on AI ! I love movies, rap, and marveling at the costs of Dunkin Egg & Cheese's :))

Benjamin Pomeranz


I'm a Sophomore concentrating in Math-CS. Despite my Jerseyan roots, I love to hike and climb, as well as play Frisbee. My not so hidden talent is doing the NYT mini very fast.

Bohdan Karavan


I am a sophomore studying APMA-CS. I play volleyball and have a weakness for good chocolate. When my code doesn't crash my laptop, I like to binge Netflix and play video games :)

Caroline Hwang


Hi! I’m a junior from Maryland studying APMA-CS. I love to read, listen to Taylor Swift (cowboy like me <3), and watch period piece movies!

Charles Duong


Hey! I'm a sophomore from Northern Virginia studying CS and Math. If I'm not in the CIT, you can find me weightlifting, listening to EDM, or trying new restaurants and cafes :D

Charlie Olcott


I’m a sophomore from the Bay Area, CA studying computer engineering. Aside from coding, I like eating, taking my dog on hikes, playing all kinds of sports, and sleeping!

Chloe Nevas


Hi! I'm a sophomore from Westport, CT and I'm studying APMA-CS. In my free time I love to bake and cook, read, play the violin, and listen to music.

Cindy Zheng


Hi, I'm a senior from Louisiana studying APMA-Biology. I love reading, gardening, and walking aimlessly. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Connor Chen

Hey, I'm a sophomore from New Jersey studying APMA-Econ and CS! I love photography and cooking, and I'm also (unfortunately) a lifelong New York Jets fan.

Daniel Liu


Hello there! I'm a junior from Lockport, New York studying computer science. Big fan of video games, manga, (American) football, and putting my favorite songs in only one playlist.

Effy Pelayo Tran


Junior from the Bay Area. Big fan of kombucha, Lisp-based languages, and VSCode Light Theme.

Emily Hinds


I’m a senior from Seattle, WA concentrating in computer science and French. I love travel, playing trivia, and recently I’ve gotten into crocheting!

Faizah Naqvi

Hi everyone! I'm a sophomore from NJ studying CS and IAPA. In my free time I like reading, baking, and scrapbooking! Looking forward to meeting you all and having a great semester!

Gavin Dhanda


Hi! I'm a sophomore majoring in CS and Econ from Denver, CO. I play the guitar in my free time and take lots of naps, and I can't wait to TA CS200 this spring!!!

Isaac Yi


Hey guys, I'm a junior from New Jersey studying Computer Science Economics. When I'm not in classes, I enjoy basketball, drumming, and eating burgers. Excited to meet you guys :)

Isabelle Shapiro


Hi, I'm a sophomore from Los Angeles studying computer science and math. I love trying new foods, spending time outdoors, and rewatching Psych. I am also on the swim team!

Jackson Schwartz


I'm a sophomore from Connecticut studying Computer Science and Political Science. I like the outdoors, am a bit of a music nerd, and am on Club Frisbee here on campus!

Jacob Hirschhorn


Hi! I am a junior from Baltimore, MD, concentrating in CS-Econ. I love playing tennis, doing crossword puzzles, reading, and watching movies with friends. Excited to be your TA!

Jake Stifelman


Hey, I'm a junior from New Jersey studying computer science and history! Outside of cs, I love running, pizza, and listening to Taylor Swift.

Jennifer Liao


I'm a sophomore from Farmington, CT and I'm so excited to TA CS200! You can usually find me yapping in the CIT, snoozing at the SDC, or watching Teen Wolf in the Ratty.

Joyce Li


Hi! I'm a junior from Richmond, VA studying Education and CS. You can find me reading webtoons, choreographing for musicals, and dancing with Fusion! Excited to meet you all :D

Juan Garcia


Hey! I’m a junior from Compton, CA studying CS and Education. Aside from school, I enjoy playing video games (mostly Pokemon) or hanging out with friends. Excited to meet you all!

Kam Walker


I'm a sophomore from MD studying CS! I also love TAPS (specifically dance, go Fusion!!), reading, and making jewelry! I’m so excited for this semester and meeting you all :)

Katie Li


Hi! I'm a sophomore from Seattle studying computer science and philosophy. In my free time I read, hike, dance, lose at chess, and eat Andrews yogurt bowls.

Keigo Hachisuka

Hi! I'm a senior from Conroe, TX concentrating in CS and APMA. Outside of schoolwork, I enjoy playing rugby and hockey!

Kevin Zhu

I'm a sophomore from the Midwest studying CS-Econ! Outside of classes you can catch me doing jiu-jitsu, learning recipes, and watching new movies.

Khalil Desai


Hi!! I'm a sophomore from San Diego, CA studying computational biology. I love science, playing the flute, baking pies, and music (Big Thief, Radiohead, and Lana are some faves)!!

Lisa Liong


Hi! I'm a junior from Danville, CA studying CS and Econ. I enjoy reading, baking, and going to cafes.

Lucy Gramley


Hi! I'm a junior from Ashland, OR concentrating in CS. I love skiing, swimming, hiking, and hot chocolate. Looking forward to the semester!

Lynda Umuhoza


Hi! I'm a junior concentrating in Computer Science with a special interest in Artificial Intelligence. In my free time, I like reading books and watching thrillers :)

Mason Zhang


Hi! I'm a junior from CT studying CS and philosophy. In my free time, you can find me playing the flute for musicals, doing tennis, or reading. Excited to meet everyone!

Muhiim Ali


From Somaliland, studying math-cs. I LOVE the sweet chili chicken from Andrews. And taking late night walks. And playing sports. And listening to birdsongs. Excited to meet y'all!

Nathan Nguyen


Hi, I'm Nathan and I'm a junior from Portland, Oregon. I love playing soccer and cooking/eating yummy foods :)

Oscar Mcnally


Hello! I’m a junior from Portland, Maine studying education and computer science. I love playing chess and basically any word game, reading, and finding new music to listen to!

Pauline Nguyen


Hi! I’m a junior from San Jose, CA studying computer science. I like painting (by number), drinking boba, and playing NYT games.

Rebecca Chou

Hey! I'm Rebecca, a sophomore from Newton, MA studying computer science. In my free time, I love to crochet, care for my houseplants, and compete with the Brown Taekwondo team!

Richard Dong

Hi all! I'm a junior from Virginia studying Physics and Computer Science! Outside of my studies, I enjoy Astronomy, Breakdancing, and Writing/Playing Music!

Sarah Onderdonk


Hi! I'm a junior from NJ studying CS and history. You can find me hanging out with my friends, dreaming about pasta, and watching Dance Moms. Otherwise, I'll be in the CIT :)

Sebastian Park


Hello. I'm Sebastian. I'm from Massachusetts. Besides coding, I like sleeping, but unfortunately I don't get to do it enough.

Sherry Zhang


Hi! I'm a junior from Bellevue, WA studying CS with a focus on animation. I love lifting and drawing! If you bring up anime or Genshin Impact around me, I won't shut up for hours.

Simeon Dong


Hi I'm a junior from San Diego, California. Outside of CS I enjoy hiking & the beach. Looking forward to meeting you!

Skylar Walters


Hi everyone!! I’m a sophomore from NJ studying Computational Biology. When I'm not coding, you can find me rock climbing, playing banjo, or knitting. Super excited for CS200 :)

Sophia Lim


Hi! I’m a Sophomore from New Zealand studying CS and Cognitive Science. I love traveling, watching movies, and hugs from my dog :)

Sylvie Watts


Hi! I'm a sophomore from New York City studying computer science and political science. In my free time, I like to surf, read, and play soccer.

Tiger Ji

Hi there! I'm a junior from Houston, TX studying APMA-CS. In my free time, I enjoy playing basketball and violin, breakdancing, and trying new restaurants when I can afford to!

Yabeke Zike


Hey everyone! I'm a junior from Arlington VA studying computer science and economics, and outside of TAing, I spend my time working out, with friends, and listening to new music :)

Yifan Zhang


Hi! I'm a junior from Shenzhen, China studying CS and Engaged Scholarship. In my free time, I enjoy reading, learning languages, and being in the outdoors.