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Welcome to CSCI 200 at Brown!

Welcome! CSCI 200 centers around data structures, the design and high-level analysis of algorithms for performance and social-impacts, and good programming practices using a combination of object-oriented (OO) and functional programming (FP). Each of the prereq courses (111, 112, 150, 170, or 190) teaches one of these two programming styles; in the first two weeks of the course, you’ll learn the foundations of the other style so we can build on both throughout the semester.

Lecture Logistics

We meet in Salomon DECI Auditorium 11am on MWF. Lectures involve several exercises in which you will work on a problem with your neighbor before we come back together to go over questions. Most of the lectures are better-suited to pencil and paper notes than coding along, but you are welcome to code along if you wish.

We meet together as one large class on Wednesday, January 24th. From Jan 26 through Feb 5, we will meet as two separate tracks to cover the language foundations:

  • Coming from CS0150? You will work with Prof. Kathi Fisler

  • Coming from CS111/112/170/190? You will work with our Graduate TA, Elijah Rivera

Starting Feb 7, we’ll all be back together as one lecture section in Salomon DECI Auditorium.


We will be taking questions in real time during class via Ed Discussions. If you have the course in your cart, you should have access to Ed and the lecture recordings in the Canvas Media Library.

Post questions on Ed. Personal or registration-based questions should be sent to Kathi at This is a dedicated course inbox that helps Kathi keep track of mail.


We will have two paper-and-pencil exams: a midterm (Tues/Wed March 12/13th 7-9pm) and a final (May 15th). Barring significant extenuating circumstances or taking the course off campus, you must take these exams in person. Having booked early flights home will not count.

You can visit the Brown CSCI 200 landing page and view previous offerings here.