Welcome to CSCI 200 at Brown!

CSCI 200 is a new course that replaces the former CSCI 160 and CSCI 180. Students will take CSCI 200 after taking CSCI 111, 112, 150, 170, or 190. It will be taught by Kathi Fisler and Milda Zizyte. Starting immediately, CS200 will be offered every semester (both fall and spring). Hopefully this will create more flexible options for students. Like the previous 160/180 courses, CSCI 200 will center around data structures, algorithms, analyzing algorithms for performance and social-impacts, and good programming practices.

The first class meeting will be held in Salomon 101/DECI auditorium. It will also be livestreamed via Panopto, for those who prefer to maintain more social distance from other students. The livestream link will appear automatically right at 11am from within the Canvas Media Library (lecture capture folder). Refresh the page to see the link if it isn’t up when you first get to the page. You may need to have the course in your cart to access the livestream. Note that we are NOT using the Zoom link in Canvas for the livestream on Wednesday. The Zoom link is for something else (starting on Friday). We will be taking questions in real time during class via Ed Discussions. If you have the course in your cart, you should have access.